The other houses stared
Their plans were oh so trivial
Compared with Delta-Theta
And their unique angle

Bottles filled their yard
Emptied of their contents
But urgent labels on their sides
Gave them other portents

They hadn’t had much time
The thought was hatched last week
Their off-the-cuff construction
Would make their teachers shriek

The fins were made of cardboard
The nacelles were once kegs
They still weren’t very sober
And something smelled of eggs

Outside a crowd had gathered
So they opened up the beer
Started music blaring
The crowd just stared in fear

They started on their checklist
An egg timer counted down
But someone had forgotten to
Lock up the house clown

He stumbled where he shouldn’t
Ignorant and happy
Tripped over a cable
That had been taught and snappy

The cable couldn’t take it
Something cracked and something creaked
The pod bay doors had opened
The monkey then escaped

This irritated monkey
Had no want to be in space
And with surprising forethought
Shoved that clown into it’s place

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