Pushing the Limits

My hands were going numb from the cold and my fingers were fastened around the wheel. My lips and nose were chaffed. Even my eyes felt stiff and sore. I was having trouble thinking and dark spots clouded my vision. I was freezing.

I glanced at the dashboard clock. 6:16. It had just been 6:08 a minute ago. Where was I? I forced myself to concentrate on the freeway. I was miles down the road and I had no memory of driving any of it- I had blacked out again. I wasn’t even drunk. That wasn’t good. It was dangerous but I just wanted to go home. My bed was calling me.

I was jarred awake by the wheels hitting the bumps that divided the lanes. I had fallen asleep again. I looked at the clock. 6:22. Six more minutes had passed. I was thankful that there were no other drivers on the road. I knew I was an accident waiting to happen but I was so close to home. I could make it. I knew I could. I just had to make myself more uncomfortable.

I clicked the air-conditioning to the highest setting and gritted my teeth.

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