Once a Thief?

“Who are you?” Sara squinted in the dimness. “ Where are you? Late for what?”

“So many questions for one so young.” A tall, orange-skinned male stepped into the light. His eyes glowed. “I am Grebl.”

Sara staggered back, searching for the bathroom wall. Her hand met tree bark. The fire snapped and popped. Embers swirled about them. She shivered. “What are you? Where am I?”

Grebl grabbed a stick and poked at the fire. “You have come. You must know where you are and why you are here. Have you brought it with you?”

“Brought what with me?” Sara swatted at embers that hovered near her head and shoulders. They hissed and circled her, their color changing from blue-yellow, to orange-yellow-red. Uncomfortable warmth caressed her face.

“Do not anger the sparklets. They are merely curious.” Grebl hummed low in his throat. The embers retreated. “Do you have it?”

“Have what?”

“Come now, thief,” he growled. “We hired you for a reason—you were said to be the best. Where is the object?”

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