I heard a knock.

I could sense who was standing on the other side. I just knew, it had to be him. He was the only person I wanted to see most in the whole world, and also the only person whom I dreaded seeing.

When we last talked, it was as if there was a rift between us, an invisible wall. Small talk and short words were used, and the truth was skirted. It was better to say those kinds of things in person, where you could see into the other person’s eyes.

Looking into those eyes, knowing what I had to say, was going to be the hard part. As I neared the door, my stomach flipped and flopped, and adrenaline made my heart race.

Opening it exposed more than his face, the single rose he held, and the heady scent of his cologne. It exposed my heart.

Seeing him opened some dam that was long closed. I felt tears rush to my eyes as heat flooded my cheeks. No words were spoken, but we embraced.

Everything we needed to say to each other was in that hug. The words, the past, the hurt, all melted away in his arms.

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