Pain and Pain

Though it was a short run my body felt battle worn. My emotions hurt so that I sent my head back into the brick wall giving me physical pain to match. I sat among the trash clenching my eyes shut to cope with the pain. It felt like a war was going on inside of me. There was no way I could keep getting involved with Hannah’s schemes. But she still needed me all the same. I dont think i coudl bear her being taken to jail again.

I turned my head to Hannah sitting next to me. She was quiet, eyes open, no doubt contemplating what to do next.

“Come on, we should get going,” she said as she scuffled to her feet.

The tone of her voice was solid. I couldn’t even hear it echo down the alleyway. Her eyes were twinkling with excitement as her adrenaline wore down from a level of fear to that of accomplishment.

My heart was still arguing with my mind, running through our argument again and again until I realized I was missing one detail altogether. Why were we running in the first place?

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