More Than Nothing (Part 4)

I leaned against the door gritting my teeth against the pain of my hand. Waiting in the dark as it slowly faded away.

There’s a way through. Every door can open even one without lock or key.

I pushed against the door, ignoring my fingers. The surface was smooth, yet my hands did not slip. It never seemed to warm even as I kept pushing, enduring the sting as it progressed to numbness and from numbness to pain.

I pushed harder putting my shoulder to it letting it go numb and burn like the palms of my hands. But the surface held fast. The pain started climbing down my arm along my bones but there was no use in stopping. I pushed harder letting my hand drift along the surface searching for any change at all.

I kept pushing waiting in hopes for something to happen when I fell smacking my head into the door. It bent! The hard surface had an indentation, a smooth curve where I had been pushing. I stood back running my hand over the surface only to feel it pull itself back into shape, flat, infinite, unyielding.

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