Okay so that is the reason?
Wow, wow, okay!
What am I talking about?
I walked on a thin string, fell off, and snapped my ankles.
It hurt.
I look at the bright side at least I did not crack my skull open.
I can’t walk but I can still think.
Wait can I think?
Probably not because what I am writing makes absolutely no sense. Haha.
Maybe I did hit my head. I can’t remember. I am feeling dizzy. Should I see a lawyer.
No wait I meant to say a docter. doctor…
I can varely srr the keyboard evrythinh is so blurry.
I ffel like ia m going to pass out..
I need to td recored this sthayts why i keep writing.
I needf to remember because I fear that i won’t remember anything after hthis is over.
And it is okay if you don’t understand this. you/ don’t remally need to just get what you want out of it but I need tyo remember this.
When tyhis is oveer you wi

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