Return, part 1.

It was in that moment that I felt that yearning to stay there forever. I never wanted to leave, because as long as that dance went on, I could observe her beautiful and oh so prescious smile.

A few months later, and we’re attending homecoming, we’re now seniors. I yearned for this moment, to feel that spiritual connection again. But this time not all of the people were insignificant. One of them mattered, though I don’t know who.

I’m rushed to hospital, blood gushing from the bullet hole. Liz rides with me in the back of the ambulance. Her eyes are the last thing I see before I pass into the ethereal plane of unconsciousness. As I lie in the hospital bed, a few words penetrate the dark curtain of Death’s threshold. “Wake up, Tyler! You have to wake up! You’re going to be a dad!” And, as I did but a few months ago, I answer the call.

As we get back to our home, as we now live together, we sit on the sofa and talk. It is in this moment that I get the big question off my chest. Liz agreed to marry me.

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