I used all the money I had ever saved, and my parents chipped in as well. Liz got some money from her parents too, and I was able to provide her with a beautiful wedding. When it came to the point where we were to kiss, she pulled me into a deep embrace, like the one I’d pulled her into at prom. We then returned to school, and I was back in my own world again, but I was always inspired by the knowledge of the second world that waited at home. I was quite truly master of two worlds, the world of education, and that of love.

Shortly afterwards, you were born, and I realised that I could die happy, knowing that I had left an imprint on the world. You and your sister are my legacy, and now I have lost my fear of death, because that’s one amazing legacy. You saved my life once, just by existing. Now, I will try to repay you. Your mother will give you this when you’re older, should I no longer be around. I teach you of love, my son. I leave this book behind to teach you of the ultimate boon.

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