A Dark Horse Enters, Yo

(Jumps up onstage and intercepts the mic)

A to the B to the S to the TRACT
Add another word and that’s me, RORSCHACH
I pick up the mic cause I can’t stand no more
Of your puerile battle-scheme rhymes—they’re a bore

I come here to throw my hat in the ring
And you know that I can’t lift my voice to sing
And since I despise all the previous crap
Just give me a chance to set down my rap

Your words to me are just odiferous stench
And I am here to sit you all on the bench
Can everyone go out and buy a thesaurus
So we can have some unique verses here for us

So what, in short, that I have come here to say
Is I will KO you like L. L. Cool Jay
And you got no hope, of this you can be sure
Because your vocab and your rhymes are demure

A gentleman true knoweth just when to quit
So here endeth verily my wordage bit
If anyone challenge, I will welcome the call
But I know that I’ll win because I pwn joo all

(Grabs random block of cheddar cheese from the nearby table and buries mic in it)

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