WorldStorm Express

Here I go again.

The train came. It snatched my thoughts away and I can’t retrieve them fast enough. The trail left behind stretches onward for growing miles; I only stop every so often when a fact outshines the rest, and I must let my eyes adjust once the thought is replaced within my mind. The light of these thoughts helps illuminate the rest. I think I’m getting a clearer picture… but the train is still racing ahead of me.

Running is not fast enough, so I take up my pen. Some words can’t keep up as I write, so they fall behind and won’t make it with the rest. No worry, the meaning is clear, however I must watch that my handwriting doesn’t shake too much as I run or I won’t be able to read later. Ahead, I see the clouds of steam from the train. They coalesce in dark masses and details of other worlds begin to fall as rain. Excitedly, I turn my head upwards to drink it in, still running. This will help me learn faster, maybe even catch up.

Racing alongside, I jump – make it. The wild ride has begun.

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