Quick little sucker

Tucker started to follow the strange glow through his crops. He could barely see as it was getting too dark, but he could keep up with whatever it was that was glowing in his fields.

Tucker was starting to get pissed off as each time he would get close the glow would dart away in a different direction.

Suddenly, as he was closing in on the glow for the seventh time, the glow quickly darted back towards the house, this time without changing direction. Tucker chased after it but the glow was getting faster and faster. “Brenda!” Tucker called out to the house. “Brenda!” He called again.

The glow got faster and faster, Tucker couldn’t keep up anymore. As soon as the glow exited the fields and was about to attack the house, the glow disappeared. It vanished into thin air.

Brenda came running out of the house, “What? What is it baby?”

“Uh..I uh,” Tucker looked around but couldn’t see the glow. “Never mind. I’m sorry, I’ll be in in a minute.”

Brenda went back in the house as Tucker shook his head.

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