Faith, Hope and Love

James stretched out on the hood of his Cadillac. Donna lay on her side with an arm draped across his chest. Even thought it was after midnight, the air still carried the heat of the day. A chorus of crickets serenaded them.

The two youths were enjoying each other’s company, talking a little but mostly just being. Summer was ending. There were two days before their lives began to follow the paths they’d planned- the Navy for him and college for her.

“James, I’m afraid.” Donna nuzzled her face against his chest.

“Baby, I’d be lying it I said I wasn’t scared but deep down I know that everything is going to be all right.” James’ voice was tinged with a smile.

“How do you know? What makes you special?” Donna’s voice lowered to a whisper.

“You. You make me special. Because no matter where I go, I know that you’ll always be with me. No matter what happens to the rest of the world, I can hold on to that- and that’ll keep me strong. You’re my strength. You’ll always be my strength.”

She kissed him hard.

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