The only true Monsters...

In this world, the only real monsters are those in the hearts of men.

So thought Mirk. No! So knew Mirk. He had seen his father hanged for witchcraft and he had seen his mother tortured until she screamed for her son to be put in her place instead and yet he still turned out into the very centre of the courtyard to watch yet another execution.

The noice surrounding him was immense. The colours hurt his eyes and the shouts burned his ears.

This woman had been accused of summoning a shade’s spirits. She had demonized a pig and forced a cock to commit suicide. So much proof. That and the word of the mayor’s brother’s son of course.

Mirk recognised her timid, brown eyes. She had been locked away and hurt so long that she had pulled into herself. He felt his hand automatically grasp at his jewelled sword hilt as he watched her walked up to the top of the scaffold.

She was forced to her knees, stumbling from exhaustion. The axe was raised and his eyes met hers, silently apologising.

The aze fell.

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