A Photo Album Day

A photo album morning,
Is full of sunrises,
And smiles.
And family members happy in a glow of sea and sky.
Painted houses and faces,
Basking in love.

A photo album midday,
Is the picture perfect peak.
Golden sands,
And shaking grasses in the soft winds of living.
Things that flash by,
Too fast.

A photo album afternoon,
Fades too soon.
Left to memory,
And snow, ice, cold hearts to match the cold, fake smiles.
That “cheese” produces,
Among dark clouds.

A photo album evening,
Is beautiful.
Looking out across the water,
And watching the leaves turn green to glittering gold.
Even though the wind is cold,
It’s not over yet.

A photo album night,
Comes after sunset.
Missing faces in the pictures,
And landscapes where portraits used to be.
Shadows and stars where colour once was.
And then dawn comes.

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