Last Resort Switch

“I don’t know this,” I gripped my head, shaking it violently, “I’ve never seen anything like this before. I can’t sense right.”

“Someone is doing this to him. Someone wants us out of the way,” my head throbbed as I racked my brain looking for a way out, “I can’t take watching this.”

I could feel fear clamping its icy cold hands on me. There was nowhere to go. Another icy hot pain shot down my arm reminding me that I’m in the same pain, and that I can’t help him until I save myself.

“I can’t trust myself to fix this without my sensing,” I closed my eyes thinking about the pain. It was like a rock jammed in my energy streams preventing me from helping my friend or even myself.

“I can handle this,” I told myself.

I pictured the rock melting; being absorbed by my body. I concentrated on spreading it around throughout my systems. I couldn’t let the poisonous implant over load my system.

My mind grew blurry as I felt I was falling to the poisons effects but no.

It felt as if there was a flip of a switch.

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