Rorschach? Bah.

Man, Abstract, you ain’t got nothin’
on the rhyming prowess of Mc Muffin.
While you tread on words precariously,
I like to take my rhymes seriously.

I’m a beast, from starch and yeast.
And much like my name implies, I’m a feast

of vocabulary, so best be wary.
Your current situation is seeming quite hairy.

I get that your clever, like to use big words,
but really, you just look like a turd.
As if that’s something you’ve never heard,
but, being my elder, I’ll respect you, sir.

Won’t call you pretentious,
it might offend your dentures.
Won’t call you creaky,
and I won’t call you leaky.
Though, due to your age,
you come off as kinda geeky.

I won’t call you balding, scary, or wrinkly.
Even though your hard candy is a little crinkly.


(throws cake at Rorschach, but does not drop mic. Instead, Muffin smacks everyone in the face with the mic, leaving them broken, hurt)

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