Step back, hands down, put y'ass on the ground

Step back
hands down
put y’ass on the ground

Eyes up
jaws slack
give y’face a smack

Now believe it
heed it
trust y’ears

it’s me
don’t you see
This’ the spot to be

‘Cause from the look on your face you didn’t expect the ace
to enter this chase, tear up this race
So give me some space, I’ll size up the place
lay you to waste, then peace out post haste

When you think of me, what comes t’mind?
Some faceless tool with an axe to grind?
Some loser the millennium left behind?
Just messin’, I know that that’s much too kind
but close your eyes or you just might find
that the truth will leave you shaken and blind

Because you know the fact is
while you take a piss
give your girl a kiss
or sip a gin twist

I’m here with no fear
every day of every year
burning rubber on road to put me in the clear
out ahead of you that wish for me to hear a jeer
just once when I give the crowd my work to hear

Now we’re on the same page
so temper your rage
act your age
give me the stage

…wave your hands as my rhymes engage.

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