Agenda Books

Agenda books were so ridiculous. Who used them nowadays, anyway? I mean really?

However, adults never understood these kinds of things, and thus, as of two weeks ago, Howard had to copy down his homework all the time in his tiny and meticulous script. Set on showing his parents that the book was useless, he left the agenda book in his locker every day, locked in with the dust and the clutter. Through effort, his work improved, but only slightly.

On one memorable Tuesday, Howard entered the math classroom, in high spirits from the recent food fight. A thought, unbidden, raced through his mind, and he accordingly turned toward his friend.

“Hey, Scott- did we have homework last night?”

“Oh, yeah! We had to finish that packet we’ve been working on all month. I suppose you didn’t start it.”


The teacher moved toward his desk, her silence almost catlike.

Howard gulped, and his heart raced madly.

Maybe utilizing the agenda books was a good idea.

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