Letting Go

“That’s the last of it, I spent some time going through my place. This box has everything else I had left. Pictures of us, movie ticket stubs, even that stupid shirt I bought when we took that trip up north. Also, I found this notebook from before we were dating. Maybe I’ll try writing again.”

I put a comforting hand on his shoulder. “Sounds good, I know its hard, but you really have to get rid of all this if you are going to move on. How about your phone? You get rid of all the old texts?”

As soon as the phone was out of his pocket, it started vibrating. Even without the name and picture on the display, he recognized the number on the screen. “It’s her.”

I told him not to answer it. “There’s nothing you can talk about now that will make any of this better”

“I have to, what if there’s something important? Even if it is just to say goodbye, I owe it to her.”

“You don’t owe her…” he cut me off by putting the phone to his ear and turning his back.

“Hello?… Yeah… I’ve been thinking about you too.”

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