My Guardian Angel

As my tree came back into view, I noticed that the circle I traced around the tree had been smeared by the increasing bitter winds. But where I had slept the night before was still clean of snow.

As I walked closer a spot of green stood out against the dried brown grass. I started to run toward it; I wanted to know what it was, and maybe see who put it there. But, as I ran a strong wind came rushing through the trees whipping the crystals of snow into my eyes. I couldn’t help but cover my face to protect it from the stinging snowy wind.

I didn’t know where he came from, but as the snow settled I could see him walk out from behind the tree. His pure silvery-white fur nearly blended into the background.

He seemed to welcome me as he sat down next to the patch of green I saw in the snow. Having him here, with me, helped me not to be so scared. It was like having a guardian angel watching over me. His eyes were always focused yet soft and loving. Anytime I looked at him I could feel something warming my soul.

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