Veritable Interactions

It never had a chance, this thing we shared. What can I say? We were kids.

For the longest time sleepless nights had meaning, the two of us tied to our phones until dawn. And for the longest time our days were euphoric, the two of us united and whole. We we’re 15, and even through our awkwardness we loved each other. We shared countless days, hours, minutes. We had these feelings, secrets, and traditions that were dorky in nature but we loved them regardless. We first made love to Explosions in the Sky. Our bodies curled and intertwined, I kissed her up and down, wishing for the night to linger on, wishing that we could lie together forever.

I pulled many things out of this relationship. And after three years it was a more than I really expected, considering how savage our last few interactions were. I came out with a deep sense of patience, of understanding, and of quiet consideration. I learned so much about myself. Even now I don’t regret it, we just weren’t ready. We were just kids.

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