Strength from Adversity

Jaime was worried, worried that no one would accept her, worried that no one would help her, worried that no one would care. Her makeup was exactly like everyone else’s but different. Well the basics were the same but the colors and designs were different. She had spent a lot of time on the meaning of the symbols and colors she had chosen. It was the same with her clothes. They were baggy, but that was the style here anyway.

She walked through the crowded hallway and where she passed, conversations died. Jamie created a wake of silence and stares. She cringed. This school above all others shouldn’t judge anyone for their looks. It was one of the reasons she’d chosen this school over her parents objections. She wanted to yell, but instead increased her pace and headed into the classroom.

Even as she sat down, she drew more than her share of rolled eyes, smirks, and whispered insults.

In the long run it would make her tougher, but being the only goth during the first day of clown college was really hard.

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