Maybe sometimes you give me butterflies. Maybe sometimes you make me so, so happy and giddy I could smile on and on and on. Maybe you make me want to hug you, and never, ever let go. Maybe I really really want to tell you. Maybe I don’t know how.

Maybe I can’t.

Maybe I’m scared.

Maybe I really want to see you. Maybe I just really want to see your face, right now, smiling at me. Maybe I want to hear your voice, hear my name rolling off your tongue, loving the way it sounds.

Maybe I hope you’re thinking of me. Maybe I hope too much. Maybe I’m scared it’s not the same for you. Maybe I want it to be. Maybe… I couldn’t handle it if it wasn’t. Maybe I wouldn’t show it… no, I definitely wouldn’t show it.

I can’t say it. My worst fear is that I never will.
But maybe…
maybe it’s better that way.

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