Know she is coming.

Saw her the first time in the park, can’t use mere words to describe how perfect she was. Manned up and asked her out. Ridiculously easy. Thought the guys had set me up with an escort but she wasn’t that kind. Bet no one has those girls as neighbors.

Perfect conversation, perfect dinner, great drinks. A little too great, they went right through me. Went to the restroom and some bozo wrote with lipstick IT DRINKS BLOOD on the mirror. The cleaning guy was too ready to ask for tips but not ready enough to clean that mess. His problem, don’t feel like picking up a fight for such a petty nuisance, the Italians next to us might.

I went back and in her place I found a smiling rotting corpse in a tight sweater. she asked if I was fine. BUZZ

It wasn’t the drinks, she continued being that corpse from then on, and then every time I came near that buzzing sound made me stop.

Told her I’d be out of town but hadn’t left the apartment for weeks.

Someone is knocking and the buzzing is unbearable.

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