All I Have to Say is Goodbye


That is the last thing I said to you. It’s a shame that it had to end like this. Is it all my fault? Or is it both of us? Either way, as I walk away I can’t breathe. You are choking me and you are doing it without a care. Breaking my heart is easy for you through all the lies

I’ll be kicking myself for a long time because everything we have been through and everything about you was a lie. It’s harder to take each step through the rain and the pain because I am losing all my drive.The lies were all twisted and guiltless; you lied with your mind and without your heart. Now it has made me learn to hate you and myself for believing it all.

As I leave you can say all these words that reveal the lies, and I hope that may take some of my pain away. All I can get out is goodbye and maybe someday I will see that we are better off this way. If I could find some truth I would stay, I would fight, but there is nothing left for me here. With a broken heart all I have to say is goodbye.

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