Mad. (pt 1)

The room was white. Perfectly white, with one stain on the wall.
On the corner of the wall right by the door.
On the other wall, on his left side was a mirror.

He knew it wasn’t Really a mirror, but he played along. He pretended not to know that the police were watching on the other side.
Police, PoPo, The Fuzz, Five-O, The Cops, The Man. Man. Man, I wish I weren’t here. This is all so stupid…. it’s so-

The door smashed open, hitting the wall. From within the abyss that was the other side of the door emerged a policeman. His blue uniform was darker in patches around his armpits and neck.
Ray shuddered at the thought of sweat. The sticky softness. The way it smelled.
The way it tasted.

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