Implied Consent (or... Listening to too much Dan Savage)

You are always so careful of me, always with a furtive caress, a slow arousal. You have always been so careful of my needs, my moods, my pleasure. You compliment my beauty and my brain. You take me like a lover.

Tonight, something is different. Your breath is hot on my ear, my neck, my back. The covers slide from me, you replace them with you. I can feel your strength against me. You are hard where I am soft. I want to moan but remain silent. I struggle to control my breathing, to remain passive.

I can feel you near but I pretend to be asleep. You are over me. Your body burns me. I lay still, afraid any movement will frighten you away. I want this but you don’t know that. You do not try to awaken me but I am already awake. I can smell your arousal. Can you smell mine?

This time will be just for you.

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