The new place

It sure was a lovely day. He couldn’t believe it, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping. He decided to go out and meet some people. Just meet some strangers and talk to them.

That was something he would never have done before. In that other place he was afraid of the people. Their misery branded on their faces like really cheap make-up, he could not bare to look at them. Always scared they wanted something. Like that desperate old lady that told him she was from the church, when he had been foolish enough to open the door one day. She was so lonely she actually rang peoples doors to force them into a conversation.

Or that bearded bastard who is on social service and comes round every now and again. What kind of service did he want anyway? I’m not a fucking waiter, he always thought when he blocked the door. His locks probably were sufficient, but he always wanted to be sure.

No, this new place was the best! Never before had he met so many people he wanted to talk to.

Oh no! The power went out!

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