Here's lookin' at you kid

Tucker rubbed his eyes as he laid there on his kitchen floor, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The world was still there, his kitchen, his family in the next room, his farm, but it all looked different. It was as if someone or something turned off all the colours and all Tucker could see was Black and White.

He rubbed his eyes again and still all he saw was black and white. He tried calling out to his family but they couldn’t see or hear him. Tucker got up quickly. The sphere still spinning in front of him. Now instead of glowing bright yellow, it was a shade of white.

“We need to talk Tucker,” the sphere began to speak, not audibly but Tucker could hear it’s voice in his mind.

“What the hell are you?!” Tucker screamed.

“You do not know? Hmm, we need to remedy that.” The sphere began to flash sporadically like a strobe light. Suddenly what was a solid sphere turned liquid and began to form into a human shape. Tucker’s mouth went wide as the sphere had turned into his wife Brenda.

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