“Oh my God, Elaine! Did they fire you?”

“Don’t act all fake-sympathetic, Frank. I know it was you who told the board I was pregnant, therefore incapable of working.”

“Elaine, I did it because all that stress is bad for the baby.”

“Since when the fuck do you care? It took me five years to build my career, to earn the respect everyone has for me, and you threw that away in 3 seconds for my spot as Vice President.”

“You were getting kind of big, people were beginning to wonder…”

“They could’ve continued to think I was getting fat, Frank. It’s better than having my modelling career and my editor position ruined.”

“Karma’s a bitch.”

“Damn right. But karma also rips open your eyes, so that you see reality. And thanks to karma, I saw your fake ass. Good thing, too, because I went to the board and told them all about your plan to cheat the company.”

“What? You liar!”

“You said it yourself, karma’s a bitch. It sucks that I’m gonna work more hours as VP, then you as… wait, you’re fired.”

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