Equinox Vs. Evil (4)

I focus every fiber of my being on water. Running water, flowing water, falling water. Sweat begins to form little beads on my forehead.

“Of course I want to kill you.” Evil says

I focus even harder squeezing my eyes shut half in concentration, half to keep sweat out of my eyes.

Evil bends down in front of me and I can feel his breath on my face.

“Open your eyes mortal! Witness the death of your mother and then your own! Lead me into my greatest triumph!” he screeches

The ground begins to shake, and I know I have done well.

Water piles into the pit the manifestation of Evil is driven into the dead bodies making up the floor. The pit begins to fill with water and I know this is it, now or never.

Win or die.

I grab tightly onto my sword and teleport out of the vines.

“I’ve only got one chance!” I think as I look through the water for Evil

My sword begins to glow to light up the area. I spot Evil in the corner messing with my scabbard!

This is it.
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