More Than Nothing (Part 5)

As I felt the door reform my heart sank, taking my breath with it.

Something that was already hard was going to be near impossible now. My whole body cringed in pain; healing from the trauma I brought to it. I couldn’t move either arm. The numbness penetrated down past my bones, freezing my muscles so that the most they could do was let my arms hang lifelessly to my sides.

I could do nothing as my heart began to burn setting my chest alight pumping the burning oil through my veins; forcing life back in my limbs. The darkness drifted by as the pain engulfed me too slowly to not be torturous.

The pain I felt was equal to my despair inside. I just couldn’t give up, not when I was this close. My escape was on the other side of this door! This big, cold.. unforgiving.. not nothing DOOR!

The pain was cornering my finger tips and the upper part of my arms were throbbing. I closed my eyes, I could feel my body shaking with pain but there was also something else. I thought I felt something slipping down my cheek..

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