Your Own Reality

“We’re all authors of our own realities.”

“Excuse me?”

“We’re all authors of our own realities, creators of our own destinies..”

“So what you’re saying is, we are in charge.”

“Yes, we can walk whatever path we want.”

“So, if I want to be a monkey in a zoo..”

“Then you just have to just believe it!”

“But the reality is, I’m still a human.”

“In form yes, but in your reality you are a monkey. That’s why hypnosis works.”

“That’s subconscious. You’re talking conscious choice. Unless you think hypnosis is fake..”

“But you have to be willing to accept it, then your mind is open, and your subconscious causes you to dream you are in another reality.”

“No, you’re mixing the two.”

“They are interconnected.”

“Dreams are not realities, that’s why they are called dreams.”

“But you can make them real.”

“Not without a lot of money, or medication.”

“Then you owe me $35.”

“For what?!”

“Cab fare, we are here.”

“I’m not in a cab.”

“Yes, you are in my cab.”

“Not in my reality.”


“Doesn’t exist.”

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