Lost At Sea

The captain of the ship ran from his corridor. He entered a hallway that was shattered, wood paneling hanging sideways, water leaking from the ground. He ran towards the stairs, but fell to the ground when he tripped over a book. He saw a women’s picture on the front hugging what was now a faded picture of a man. A captain of 30, lost at sea not able to know if anyone survived.

He gathered himself up and continued down the hallway were he reached the stair case. The sun blinded him for a second as he reached the top; he had raced to the deck of the ship. Where he was greeted by his loyal staff; “What’s next Captain?” A young a sailor spoke. “We go home boys.” The captain replied.

They all gathered at the front of the door, gathering up life jackets and paddles for the boats. The captain raced outside where he unhooked the boats, the boats fell to the oceans surface. The captain and the sailors sailed out into the sea watching as the ship sank to the bottom.

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