Return of the Mack (MC T.)

(MC T. exits the ladies room and buttons up his shirt. Muffled cries call out for him to come back. He gets back up on stage.)

‘Rorschach’ has the cadence of a sneeze

Try to run another rhyme

This seance severs your souls Achilles

And you’ve got a stairway to heaven to climb

That might as well be as mountainous as me—

Cause I’m the greatest Everest of all time

While you just lay low deserted in death valley

And as far as collectively

Meaning you, Muffin, and Mess

Or any other boy band fan who feels more comfortable in a dress

Remember this for the next contest

And up until the day you eternally rest —

Remaining silent is best

For I’ll flambay

Your floppy

Microphone foreplay

With a furious foray

“Oh dreary dismay!”

You’ll say

Stuck by my awarded sword

I’ll slay and sort your sordid

Weak worded display

For toys because you’re child’s play.

(MC T. solidifies his stance as a pro among amateurs and sits back down. Good looking women fight to give him a back rub.)

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