“Where are they going?” whispered Daisy
“I don’t know, just keep quiet so they don’t hear us, and get away from that window! " I whispered harshly.

We were in an attic of an old house that overlooks a street, I have no idea who lived here, but they’re gone now, off to somewhere safe. I wish I could be there, wherever they were, I just want to get my little sister out of here, and somehow find my parents. Wherever they are.

“Where are they going?” Daisy whispered again.
“Be quiet Daisy, you’re going to get us caught!” I said, harshly. She would not shut up! Does she want them to find us?! Does she want them to torture us? Gas us maybe? I know I was being a little harsh, she is only 5, and I am 13, but I will do anything to keep her safe.

I know I cannot tell her about the gas chambers, and about the camps, but I wonder, if I tell her, then maybe she will listen to me.

I have decided not to tell her, why kill her imagination? Her dreams will forever be safe from the likes of them.

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