The Last Villain

Dr. Sinister cowered as the thunder outside grew closer. They were gone. All of them. The Red Menace. Queen Bea. The Darke. Even his own army of henchmen, once legion, now decimated, its ranks captured, killed, or turned traitor against him. Dr. Sinister was the last one of them all.

What a lonely feeling that was, he realized.

He was in the deepest chamber of his lair, a steel reinforced control room one mile below the earth’s surface. Still, it was only a matter of time.

The door to the chamber exploded off of its hinges. Of course, Mr. Stupendous was the first to enter.

“It’s over, Dr. Sinister,” Stupendous stated.

“Yes it is,” Sinister replied sullenly, as other heroes filled the room, blocking his escape. Escape wasn’t in his plan. A smile cracked his lips.

“Over for us all,” he continued. The heroes, the Confederation of Courage, closed in.

“You need me,” Sinister chuckled, “If only to define who you are.”

Sinister laughed like a demon as the angels fell on him and sealed their own doom.

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