The Academy - Schedule (5)

I guess I should tell you a little about what goes on at The Academy. Well we (the kids) over 11 are assigned a job, or jobs depending on age. Here’s the basic schedule for 11-17 year olds:

5:ooam Wake up
6:ooam Breakfast
7:ooam Training
8:ooam School
3:oopm Training
7:oopm Dinner (everyone eats at the same time)
8:oopm Chill after chores of course
9:3opm Catch some Z’s

You’re probably wondering what happens when someone turns eighteen. Well, after the student turns 18, well, I don’t really know what happens. I guess I’ll find out in about 3 years.

Yeah, I know, we train a lot. We train so that we are able to protect and defend ourselves if some one were to break into the school, it would be the duty of the older kids to look after the younger kids while the teachers try and defend our home.

My job at The Academy is to watch over a group of little kids (or munchkins as I perfer to call them). I am responsable for a group of 5, as do other girls my age. John and I take care of them. We always will.

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