Krulltar steps up on stage

[no mic needed, definitely not that MC Muffin ass-mic]

let’s get ready to rumble, let’s begin this bout
this mad Irishmans gonna knock you all out

first off bitches, lets start with your names
it’s just sad, how do you live with the shame

MC Mess, MC Muffin and then MC T
didn’t I see you on the menu at Mickey D’s

you rap about peckers and back rubs from bitches
your weak-ass rhymes have got me in stitches

then there’s Rorschach with his Shakespearean prose
no wonder the man can’t pull any ho’s

school’s out, this is the end of your lesson
you’ve just been schooled by this Irish cocksman

now run on home to momma, tell her all I said
she’ll just smile and nod, while giving me head

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