Building on a Warped Foundation

Marcy and Joya ran as fast as they could, their shoes slapping against the wet pavement. Behind them were shouts of anger and confusion. That crowd could turn into a mob faster than a flash fire, igniting into a cloud of uncontrolled violence. Just like last week.

“It’s getting crazy out there.” Joya panted.

“I know, I know. I still got it though. I was afraid that someone would grab it in the crowd. Instead they grabbed me.” Marcy patted the purse, or more accurately what was inside the purse.


“I know right? Anyway, are we safe?”

“Almost. Duck in here.” Joya lifted an aluminum flap away from a wall and they squeezed into a hidden alcove between buildings. It wasn’t much but it would keep the rain off.

Marcy turned the purse inside out. A thick wallet fell out first, followed by a rain of change, then receipts, a compact kit and finally a rolled-up tube of paper, heavily crinkled from being at the bottom.

Joya grabbed the tube with a squeal of delight. This was their ticket to a better life.

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