There's an Exception to Everything

The city was large and full of life, a demon’s jewel reflecting the night sky, accompanied with a cacophony of hellish sounds, yet a center of all that is modern in the world- greed before need, lust before love, and parasitism before hard work. It is here in this unnamed, but famous metropolis, where the underpaid working class meet with brotherly devotion, seeking to unite together, in the spirit of forefathers past, to counter the obvious oppression of the wealthy, who wield their power as an uncaring taskmaster to the detriment of all.

Don Rohr stood in the crowded hall and cheered each speaker, applauding loudly, while memorizing the appearance of each one. He didn’t consider himself a sneak or a traitor, though some might call him so, he was simply an opportunist, and if that meant selling names of firebrands, then he was prepared to do so and he cared as little as when he lost a pawn in chess.

Tonight proved to be an exception, as a stunning blonde marched across the stage and took the podium.

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