Sacred Place

“My friend…” Charles began, fidgeting.

“Yes?” The Judge asked insidiously. Even though it was broad daylight, the glint in his eyes was just as pronounced as the glare that emanates from the eyes of one of those wolves that roam the country side at night.

“He was…kind to me. I wasn’t ready to return, that’s all.” Charles said.

The Judge laughed and threw the sparkling blue chain into the wind. The moment the instrument disappeared, the Judge’s features softened into a kind of wax-like resemblance of something kind.

“You’ll never find him,” Charles fumed. He wasn’t fooled by the Judge’s new demeanor. “I haven’t seen him in 12 years.”

“Take me to that sacred place you shared with him—tell me a story,” The Judge coaxed, suddenly standing in front of Charles and brushing his cheek. “Convince me not to keep you underground for the rest of your natural life.”

Charles averted his eyes away from the Judge, staring out into the fields beyond the train. “You will look, but you won’t see.”

“Try me.”

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