The Ripple Effect

All of the people who’d had an immediate impact on my life, whether I’d known it or not, were there.

Then, shimmering in the water I saw the impact that I’d had on their lives as well, as clearly as if I was in a theater.

The stranger I’d smiled at on the street… I see now how her son was killed the day before, and a smile from a stranger helped to restore her faith in the world.

The cat whom I’d rescued from the jaws of a vicious dog, who later wandered back to the home she shared with a lonely widow, whose only friend in the world was that cat.

The time I’d gotten so angry over losing a 10 dollar bill… I see how it had fallen out of my pocket and, minutes later, been found by a filthy child in tattered clothes.

So many more, all of the little things adding up into one beautiful picture, glowing with the bright light of love.

Did I really want to forget all of this, these wonderful events that I hadn’t even known I’d been a part of? No.

So, I stepped out of the water, and walked away.

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