The Gears Go Turning

“Dude, look at her tits!”

I glanced up at the girl walking by, her voluptuous cleavage spilling out of her too tight top, jiggling in time with her voluptuous fat rolls. I shuddered.

My friend followed her with his eyes as she walked down the street, the drool practically drowning his meal. Sometimes my sex really disgusts me.

“Ok Jeremy, look at me. That right there, that was not attractive. That was not sexy. That wasn’t even close to being erotic.”

“What do you know you damn European?”

“I know that you can do much better than that. In Italy, a girl would not walk around wearing something like that if she had breasts like that.”

“What the hell? Why not?” He looked at me in horror.

“Because a top like that is for someone with a fitting figure and breasts that are half that large.”

“Dude I’ve bet you’ve never even seen tits before.”

“That’s where you’re wrong my friend. In Europe…it’s different. Much different.”

His eyes grew wide as the gears in his brain slowly began to turn.

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