A Faint Light

Twisting, turning. My life had spun.
I didn’t know how long to run.
I wanted to run into my dreams.
I wanted to escape reality.
Instead I hit the wall hard.
My dream world turned into broken shards.
When it broke, my sun had set.
Clouds disappeared and darkness set.
I fell in darkness and lost the truth
I lost all that I know would soothe.
I lost myself, I lost my world.
I was then known as the nameless girl.
But then faint light appeared to me.
It brought a sudden fear to me.
It the lit the way for me to see.
and It became a part of me.
The cold had disappeared from me.
My life became so clear to me.
That light had been so good to me.
I forgot what those had said to me.
The horrible words had gone away.
I was free to face a new day.
I now know in my heart I’m always free.
Regardless of what those say to me.

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