A Talk With ElshaHawk


I don’t mean to ruffle feathers

But we have to talk

Ouch! keep your talons on the leather!

My arm is not a chopping block!

You clumsy flesh shredder!

Where were we? Oh yes, your walking

That way you waddled about to back up your sqwuaking…

Well, wings weren’t made for popping and locking. There, there.

You looked alot like granny falling out of her rocking chair.

Only I am fly enough to vocalize in this rare air

There’s a fee if you try to butt in again like a derriere or an ass

And the price is barely fair to be schooled in my class.

So Mistress,

Take this as advice

You’ve got the mic

Confused with micE

Stick to the rodents you like.

(MC T. pimp struts to his table like an ***hole. lol)

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