Birds? LEGIT?!

Hey man, yeah you, talkin’ bout all the birds.
Your insults are nothing but a waste of words.
And while I appreciate your average nerd,
the things you say are just ABSURD.

Elshahawk, pleae girl, just step back.
I’m glad that you tried to take a whack
at rap, but it’s obviously not your style.
Go sew a blanket or do sudoku for a while.

What I’m saying, lady, is you’re a bit older
than your classic rapper, so you kinda just smolder.
You fizzle, you’re lukewarm, ain’t nobody told her?
You can’t get into rap if there’s grey ’round your shoulders!

Now, Winslow?! What kinda name is that?
Not to talk smack but that name is kinda whack.
If you’re gonna try to rap, you gotta have swag.
And you can’t with a name like “Winslow” or “Tad”
It’s sad.
Hey, don’t get mad.
Just stating a fact.

Now Krulltar? More like Kruller.
You’re staler than the cakes in my aunt’s ice cooler.

Now, not to hate (and I don’t want a debate),
but it’s a little late for you to negate
what you state.

It’s too late to take it back.


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