Akron, Ohio
The police confirmed today that the 49 year old teacher Meleney K. has been arrested in connection with the disappearance of 5 year old Suzie Q. Suzie disappeared on Monday the eleventh of May from the Springfield Elementary playground. She was last seen wearing …

I switch the radio off and continue stirring the soup.
I wonder whether the police will let me bring that poor woman some soup? I wonder out loud. One can but try.
I fill five ladles of soup into a Tupperware container, wrap it in some towels and walk over to the police station – it’s not far, only three blocks!

“I’ve brought Meleney some soup,” I smile at Marvin, the policeman on duty “can you please take it to her?”

“Um, we don’t usually allow that sort of thing, but in your case…” He takes the container out of my hands and walks over to the cells.

I quickly turn and leave. As the door closes behind me I hear her scream.

Shit, I should have taken more care with those tiny fingernails… and I start running.

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