Thump, thump, thump. My knife cleaves through the soft vegetables with ease. In the lounge room, the kids were playing, their voices gradually getting louder.
“Kids! Be quiet please! I’m cooking dinner!” I yell to them.

They didn’t hear me. Their voices got louder and louder until one of them started shouting. “Liam! Give your brother his truck back!” I yell in irritation.

Thump, thump, thump. I finish cutting the steaks. Suddenly an ear-piercing screech fills the room. Liam had hit his brother with the truck.

“SHUT UP!” I yell angrily as I go over to them to sort it out.

Tom hits back. Liam starts shrieking in unison. Something snaps. “SHUT UP, SHUT UP SHUT UP!” I scream, trying to block the noise.

Everything is quiet again. I go back to the kitchen to finish dinner. I look around the bench in confusion. I can’t find my knife! The I look over at the two boys. There it was!

I walk over and pull the knife out of Liam’s head and go back to preparing dinner.

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